High Availability Kubernetes cluster Installation with Ansible

K8s HA Multi-Master-slave installation series using Ansible Configuration Management tool. 

Installation and configuration of K8s environment is a little complex job, which involves many Infra pre-requisites. Here in this series of tutorials, I am trying to use the Ansible Configuration Management tool to automate the install process of the Stacked topology of the High available cluster setup, and also same scripts can be downloaded from my git-repo.

This tutorial has a series of steps involved to achieve the final stage of the K8s environment setup. If any of the below were familiar or ready on your server end. Skip to the right article and make use of them.

7. Validation with Nginx deployment

Architecture of Stacked toplogy and Minimum Hardware requirements:

1. LB(HAProxy) - 1.2GB, 1core, 10GB Disk Space - VMcount 1
2. Master's(control-plane nodes) - 2GB, 2core, 10GB Disk Space - VMcount 2
3. Workers - 1.2GB, 1core, 10GB Disk Space - VMcount 2

Here, I am making use of an open-source hosted hypervisor (Virtual Box software) to provide the underlying infrastructure.

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